Contactless, Activity Driven Pocket Money Banking. Designed for the Snapchat Generation. Banked are reinventing the banking, payments and health experience for young people. The future of banking is cashless, contactless and branchless. Banked is the bank built for that future. A digital, pre-paid card issued in minutes, a smartwatch for contactless payments and activity tracking, and a suite of saving and budgeting tools all designed specifically for a mobile generation, Banked gives both parents and young people the tools to create Healthy Behaviours. Our unique subscription model, delivering a full suite of budgeting, saving, activity tracking rewards and the first contactless payments smartwatch designed specifically for the fashion conscious member of Generation Z, all for ?9.99 a month, means that we deliver unprecedented value for money, coupled with a healthy 40.85% gross margin which will only increase over time as access to ever increasing economies of scale become available.
Member count: 1-10