Toilets made from recycled plastic Bangla Bari toilets are designed for rural population. One billion people around the world and 48 million Bangladeshi rural population still requires a cheap and efficient toilet. This modular structure lego like toilet can be assembled quickly and reduces the price by 40% than conventional toilets. Bangla Bari Toilet is made with recycled plastic, so it addresses another big problem of plastic waste pollution. Currently only 15% of plastics are recycled worldwide. This product creates a huge demand for recycled plastic, hence cleaning the environment. Fawaz Rob, the inventor has a degree in Product design from San Francisco and a degree in Architecture from Florence. The design has been verified by MIT lab and TU Delft lab. This modular toilet has widespread demand in UN bodies and anyone working for sanitation. This genius solution has big potential for millions of rural people across the globe in India, African countries and South america.
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