Dollar Shave Club for Condoms Bang it Forward is a condom subscription social enterprise. According to Dr. Oren Amitay. PhD CPsych, 80% of the population is still uncomfortable about purchasing condoms directly. Bang it Forward addresses this pain by discretely shipping condoms to subscribers monthly. Our service removes the awkwardness involved with purchasing condoms directly, ensures condoms are readily available, saves time through the convenience of home delivery and brings an element of surprise back into our customers' lives. Part of the proceeds is donated to fund NGO?s in developing countries to build capacity and provide ?sexual literacy?. Bang it Forward has a two-sided business strategy. The first segment is sexually active, socially conscious individuals. The second segment is condom industry. Bang it Forward will provide market research to the global condom industry. The industry is forecast to reach a market value of US$5.4 billion by 2018.
Member count: 1-10