Bandwagon Technologies
A unique mobile esports tournament platform that builds community Business operators use Bandwagon tech's platform to provide premium entertainment to patrons through competitive and addictive, location based, mobile gaming while rewarding them with tangible, real world items, like gift cards, discounted products, or novelty items. Using their own password protected back-end dashboard, venues can create gaming tournaments inside their venues, market to gamers, and design custom rewards. These rewards are redeemable inside the TriviaGO app once the gamer has accumulated enough points by playing trivia games. Tournaments and marketing messages are customizable and auto reoccurring. For example, the local pub wants a mobile gaming tournament to happen inside his venues at 8pm every Wednesday to help drive traffic on this slow night. He sets this event to reoccur at the same time every Wednesday and sets a push notification to occur the afternoon prior to the event reminding local gamers of the rewards.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $300K