BandwagonFanClub, Inc.

BandwagonFanClub, Inc.
BANDWAGON is changing the face of sports ticket sales. We're designed for sports fans who don’t want to pay the exorbitant transaction fees when buying and selling tickets to games. For the season ticket holders - We get it! As much as we’d all like to attend every game in our season ticket package, we know that things come up (weddings, work, bar mitzvahs, etc.) and some games end up being missed. Instead of listing your tickets on unsecure sites (I’m sure you can think of one obvious one) or sites that charge outrageous fees (the usual suspects), fans can trade their tickets for sporting events that better accommodate their schedules at a flat fee! Think you’re getting the raw end of a deal? No problem - negotiate with the other user via our secure messaging platform and get them to pay your transaction fee, add extra tickets, or even add cash to the trade. For the fan just looking for the best game on the schedule, Bandwagon is the right place for you too! Have tickets to a big game that you can’t make and aren’t sure how to price them? No sweat! List them on our site and see the offers roll in. You’ll get notifications when an offer has been made and you decide which one is the best. No more guesswork on how much to list your tickets for to minimize the fees you’re paying while getting the most for your tickets. For teams and schools, we're helping you figure out exactly who is in your stadium on any given gameday -- because it's probably not the first people you sold the tickets to. We've got the data to help you define your stadium identity for every fall Saturday. Want to learn more? Contact us!
Location: United States, South Carolina, Greenville
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 844-687-3267
Total raised: $300K
Founded date: 2015

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