Walk-around bar atmosphere. Brazilian steakhouse style food service Bands is an entirely new approach to bringing control and variety to the customer?s hands by combining Brazilian steakhouse style service with a casual walk-around bar environment. Since the customers will be quite mobile due to the high-energy bar atmosphere, the typical red and green cards that are provided at Brazilian steakhouses will not suffice. Instead, black and white wristbands will be worn by any customers wanting to eat during their time in the establishment. Upon being greeted by their bartender or waitress, the table will be asked who all will be eating during their visit and given the wristbands before ordering their drinks. Being 75% bar and 25% kitchen, the atmosphere and layout will be designed specifically to be very open, laid back, and inviting to our patrons. Several food runners holding trays containing a wide variety of different bar foods will be circulating throughout the establishment offering customers with the white side of their wristbands facing outwards.