...disrupting the online jewelry market! Bandofjules.com is the first online retailer of fashion and branded jewelry seeking to disrupt the industry by combining the advantages of online shopping and regular retail, i.e. by customers the opportunity to try the product at home before buying (paying). ?We aim to exceed customer expectations at every stage of the online shopping process with our unique-to-the-industry ?try-before-you-buy? concept, stylish packaging, fast and exemplary customer service.? Bandofjules.com was launched in DK in May 2013, based on the hypothesis that being able to try on jewelry before buying it minimizes the barriers associated with online trade.This also gives woman the chance to ?fall in love? with the pieces because they can try them on before making an actual purchase ? both hypotheses proved valid, resulting in 97% of all customers who make use of the try-before-you-buy model end up keeping one or more pieces of jewelry. English version will be launched may 14. The team are willing to relocate!
Member count: 1-10