Follow your passions Bananity is a new way to BOOST YOUR PASSIONS. It is an online community that works opposite to all others: Instead of having to "follow" other people to get content, you "follow" your passions directly. Crazy for Jazz, action movies, Andy Warhol, Paris, Open Software, Sushi or Space Invaders? Just "follow" them and discover related ideas and people. Bananity is the first SOCIAL CONTENT TARGETIZATION PLATFORM, offering users both 100% personalized content and the possibility to interact with all their communities of interest in a single place. Consumers continue to use Forums widely because no SN has addressed properly the creation of communities of interest, where people can interact and share content and opinions on any particular passion. Bananity is a unique tool for Brands to promote highly targeted branded content. Bananity is currently a Beta in the test market Spain and is moving to the USA in September 2013 for a global launch.
Member count: 1-10