Goldfinger Locating Services
Need funding for reality tv I use electronics to help locate precious metal artifacts in Central America with Professional Huaqueros(Treasure Hunters). These Men that go with me in the jungle know and understand the ground. They can read the signs to determine if a hole was previously dug by ancient Indians. My job is to determine before hand if that material that they are going to dig has gold artifacts on the bottom. This is a very difficult and dangerous work. I have been able to locate smaller objects at a depth of 1 1/2 meters from 10 meters away with my current equipment. I have had to split that with my group. I need additional electronics and supplies for a minimum 3 month expedition deep into the mountains where the gold, ceramics and stoneware and much greater. I have a reality tv Company that is interested in filming but I need to be funded in order to go farther out to "pura jungla". I need additional detectors and geo-loggers.