Banaao - A Makers' Playground
Makerspace & Inventionspace With the enthusiasm of 'Make in India' growing ever stronger in our country, it has become essential to promote the 'Maker Culture' and build a strong community of DIYers and Hobbyists. We, at Banaao, intend to provide a platform, not only, to all the existing Makers who face difficulties in locating the right resources, but also, to all those people (kids or adults) who aspire to build something but never had any opportunity to do so! We are a community of DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, who like to tinker stuff i.e. Make, Break and Create things ranging from Art & Craft to Electronics products, from Origamy to Cookery and Mech. The inventionspace takes care of scaling these innovations to proper products. We are a perfect place for anyone and everyone who wishes to transform his or her imagination into reality. Here, everyone gets an opportunity to become Entrepreneur, Artist, Inventor, Designer, Craftsman, Artisan etc. in his or her own way.