We help high-growth businesses build teams of Thinkers and Makers Operating at the intersection of innovation, technology and strategy, we build teams who as collectives, design, create and build breakthrough products, services, brands and experiences. Bamboo Crowd was launched as a challenger recruitment consultancy. Born out of a passion for Innovation, we wanted to fuel growth for businesses, candidate careers, and ourselves, while also making sure we deliver a service that stands out from the industry norm and changes perspectives. Our service is designed to support growth businesses hire the best talent and build better, more effective teams. We elevate your talent acquisition strategy, build out your hiring pipeline, and work with you to attract the best people. We're flexible to your needs. You receive a dedicated Talent Partner, access to highly engaged pools of talent, an expertly managed recruitment process, and crucial, high-value feedback and insight from the market delivered every week. We?ve helped clients hire faster and smarter.
Member count: 11-50