Bamboo Clothing Co.
Innovative activewear made from bamboo fabric blends Bamboo Clothing Co. a brick and mortar store would be the first of it's kind in North America and offers consumers the option to buy sustainably sourced clothing from a socially responsible company. The consumer is presented with the option to buy a new type of ultra-soft fabric comparable to the softness of cashmere or silk. Bamboo fabrics are known for being more durable, moisture wicking, and odour resistant. We are an alternative clothing company for consumers who want to feel batter about buying bamboo fabric over synthetic and cotton because it is derived from a highly natural source more eco-friendly than any other fabrics on the market today. The store is strategically placed in Whistler, BC where 2.7 Million tourists visit each year. It's largely the most popular mountain tourist destination in North America and promises great potential for a globally recognizable product because I high volume traffic and economic growth.
Member count: 1-10