Bamboo Remodeling

Bamboo Remodeling
Bamboo is a general contractor using technology and global labor sourcing to transform the residential remodeling industry. We use onshore (in the US) and offshore freelancers and employees to deliver a remodeling experience like that in reality TV shows on HGTV at 30% to 40% lower cost than traditional general contractors. US residential remodeling is a $361B industry with tens of thousands of tiny firms, high cost overheads and low customer satisfaction - we are disrupting it. We have designed an entirely new customer experience from scratch, described here: We are venture backed, and are kind of like a cross between Uber, Houzz and UpWork - but we are the general contractor, just as Uber is a taxi company. In addition to our technology platform, we provide insurance, contracting, marketing and growth, customer billing and Pro payments, quality guarantees, and customer support. We are focused on our launch city of Austin, Texas, but plan to grow to other US cities in 2019. We are also doing remote design and planning activities for customers in other states such as California. For our technology stack, we primarily use: 1. AWS / Mongo Atlas. 2. Android / iOS native apps. 3. Node.JS and Angular.JS. 4. Wordpress (limited). 5. Sketch / InVision for UX. Our core engineering team is based in our office in Gurgaon, Delhi, with technology oversight and mentoring from Austin, TX. We are looking for highly skilled and passionate software developers (and QA) in Gurgaon, but not outsourcing companies since we already have our own team of employees in India.
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2017