General Contractor using technology and global talent to remodel the remodeling industry Bamboo lets home owners remodel their houses with better quality results at a lower cost. We are a marketplace of individual Pros, but we also have the necessary licenses, insurance and legal contracts to act as a GC. Just as Uber and Lyft are a tech-enabled taxi companies, Bamboo is a tech-enabled general contractor (not a lead gen sales organization like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack). We use the NFX "market network" model: 1. Marketplace - contracts, insurance, payments, reviews. 2. Network - profiles, background checks, messaging, video chat. 3. Workflow - task and project management, time keeping, billing. We are early stage, but have customers in Austin and the Bay Area. We focus on scaling quality, designing processes so that we can make thousands of customers happy in their remodels. We do this by leveraging technology and blending onshore and offshore labor in distributed remodeling teams.
Member count: 11-50