M.A.E. Materiales Ambientales Ecologicos

100% Green Sustainable Building Materials Mill We create products and creative building practices that will reduce the effects of global warming & combat wildlife habitat loss, which is the #1 cause of animal extinction. Extensive timber harvesting, deforestation, slash-and-burn practices, and urban development are all detrimental to our health and environment. M.A.E. aims to be a leader in finding sustainable solutions in a competitive market. We believe it is possible to produce sustainable, durable, beautiful building products at a price point that makes it competitive against other conventional building materials. Bamboo is a proven building material that is abundant, light weight, strong, and can be harvested every 3 to 5 years. New technologies of treating the Bamboo with a natural salt like Boron can make bamboo last as long as conventional hardwoods. Our investment package is designed to create an attractive repayment program while maintaining equity in a company that acts locally and thinks globally.
Total raised: $5K