Don?t let phone battery loss ruin your night. Stay connected with friends with Balto Chat! Balto Chat is the ultimate FOMO fighter when you?re out and your phone runs out of battery. Balto is an innovative new messaging app that rescues your night by keeping you connected with friends when your phone battery runs out and there's no charger in sight. Balto allows you to seamlessly connect a friend you are currently with to other friends you were messaging. With Balto, you don?t have to go through the pain of adding multiple contacts to your friend?s phone. Messages stay in Balto, so your Lifeline doesn?t have to worry about anyone else going through their messages or cluttering and overwhelming their message inbox. Everyone will have everyone else?s contact information so no one is texting a complete stranger. If someone does not have Balto, it?s not a problem, when you select them, an automatic text will be sent saying that your phone is about to die and a link to download the app will be provided so they can connect with you. Save your night with Balto!