Ballooning Nest Eggs, Inc,
Lets parents corral family & friends to pitch in & grow their kids' long-term wealth Our patented app solves a pervasive, modern-day problem - Millennial parents are struggling to build their kids? nest eggs - by tackling a singular pain point: parents prefer financial gifts for their kids, but rarely receive them because asking for money is awkward. Our app strikes at the heart of what?s missing today: all the social tools parents need to share kids? slew of celebrations - large and small - and graciously prompt and enable $ gifting. For the 1st time, our app combines the best features of Paperless Post and Facebook with seamless gifting into youngsters? investment accounts. We spur $ gifting by engaging Millennials in their favored ?currency? ? social sharing ? while giving financial firms entirely new ways to acquire, retain and deepen relationships with this coveted demographic and Boomer grandparents. Those partners pay us for every new account opened under our umbrella and an annual retention fee, creating a highly profitable business for us.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $453K