Ballistic Blade Entertainment LLC

Ballistic Blade Entertainment LLC
We produce media primarily for small and medium sized companies with an eye on the budget and solutions that are highly scalable. Our short film and feature film projects are the heart of our organization. Should the project require a camera man or an editor we will get the job done. We believe that a projects’ budget should never be a stumbling block to our creativity. If the problem you face involves creating a film, music video, or a commercial then Ballistic Blade Entertainment is ready and willing to be your problem solver. We are committed to bringing quality media and entertainment to central Texas. We are a part of the “Do Work Austin” movement that is showing the world exactly what Austin is capable of. We are not here to work with whoever the “Big Thing” is; no disrespect intended. We may work together, but that isn’t the main purpose of our mission. We find talent and nurture it. We seek the animator who is still sketching. We are a platform for the game programmer who is still playing their favorite game and hasn’t even begun to dream of making their own yet. Our gaze is upon the filmmakers who haven’t even touched a camera yet or the individual that doesn’t even know that THEY will be the next big thing. Our passion is to help find those who will shape our culture in the years to come. We don’t believe in paying dues. We believe in hard work striving to match talent to produce products that the market will desire. We believe in crafting content that has the power to CREATE those desires. To innovate and liberate is what Ballistic Blade Entertainment is here to do. We will show people that it’s much more fun dancing outside the lines and validate those daydreams that the “REAL” world would call CRAZY. Ballistic Blade Entertainment is not just a company. We are a movement. Why be normal when you can go BALLISTIC? Proud member of the Texas Film Commission Proud (MAKE) member of the Austin Film Society
Location: United States, Texas, Austin
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +1 855-424-3456
Founded date: 2011