Global Basketball Community Ballerz World is an app that uses GPS positioning and player ranking to make it possible to find a local court with players of the same skill level who are ready to play. In addition to self-ranking, the app allows players to evaluate other players. The Ballerz app will became a non-intrusive data collection tool that has the potential to compute billions of transactions when users around the globe seamlessly upload their movements, game preferences, and in-game achievements.The unification of subjective data in the form of peer reviews combined with a data mine of metrics gathered from the users? physical real world movements means we have access to market research on an unrivaled level. Similar to Pandora which has turned its audience into a fee-paying focus group, we will offer tiered monetary participation while allowing users to opt-in to share their movement, speed, acceleration, temperatures, and other data which enable the holy grail of modern day marketing: lifestyle tracking.
Member count: 1-10