Historical renovation and preservation in the high value housing market We are focused on preserving housing and innovating to bring new technologies (e.g., energy efficiency, renewable resources and modern technologies) to structures dating back to the 1890's and early 1900's. Our tech development includes apps focused on collaborative, urban living. A critical aspect of our work is using and developing new housing technologies for off-the-grid and collaborative living experiences in an urban setting. Teaching urban dwellers to self-sustain through urban agriculture and natural resource collection will be an ongoing part of the business . Our focus is in the affordable housing sector, but we will be working in historic neighborhoods with high-yield housing and other urban structures. As a related business- we created a non-profit foundation in the affordable housing sector that includes a 3-year, paid apprenticeship for women who are emerging from prison, which utilizes our urban structures and projects for training and growth.
Member count: 1-10