Creators of the first lightweight, mobile pet door! Balcony Pets makes lightweight, portable pet doors for apartment dwellers, homeowners and anyone who doesn't choose to make permanent home alterations for their pets' outside needs. 43 million households are renters in the USA and 72% of them have pets. Unlike just a few years ago, apartments now allow pets and the rental market is booming. Anyone with a pet and a sliding glass door can use this product. It weighs only 6.4 lbs, ships in its own carrying bag and can travel with pet owners and their pets. This domestic and internationally patent- pending product is unique to the pet market. It solves a previously unsolved problem for millions of pet owners. Summer of 2017 we are also adding technology-- a smart phone app, GPS tracker, perimeter and temperature alerts, etc. Balcony Pets is growing fast, and is now seeking investors for volume production to meet the big demand for the pet door.
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