Personal gateway on your balcony for $35/month Life in a big city is not easy. People feel depressed by the concrete jungle. They want to spend more time among bright colours and country greens, but only few of them have time and ability to do so. Do you want to get personal gateway on your balcony, your own place of inspiration that will help you to boost your energy level and emotional health for just $35/ month? Subscribe to Balconizer! Is is amazingly easy: answer 5 basic questions about your balcony and our app will offer you 4 basic styles (New Age, Country Style, Simple Life and Business class). Choose the one you like, pay your monthly fee (starts from $35) and we'll mail you the balcony set in 3-5 days. No special skills needed to put everything together (though you can call a professional team using the in-app service)! Balconizer elements are hand-picked to make you feel better, safer and more relaxed while reducing your stress level with colour therapy.
Member count: 1-10