Next Urban Robotics We aim to provide a robot as an assistant to every family. Robots are yet not used for common needs, like taking care of house security and monitoring or assisting you in your everyday activities. Our first product is BalBo (on a prototype phase). BalBo - is a round robot who can freely move around the house, look after the kids and much more. We believe sphere to be one of the ideal forms. Sphere is safe so it can not harm kids (with sharp angles). Out of the box it has the following features: - Detecting and remebering people - Voice recognition (command submission) - Environment monitoring (using numerous detectors) - Integration with common home systems Concerning software we decided not to make an end closed product, but to make and extensible platform. The platform provides an API for developers to use features of Balbo like computer vision, censors, voice recognition to build new programs (we call them skills) for the platform.