Google Analytics for the real world Balam does behavior analytics. We put the power of Facebook/Amazon recommendations for your own business. Using our API you can personalize your app for every user, you can show the best offer, promotion for each user. Forget about complex analytics dashboards, We automatize the whole process. Balam analyze people mobility/Path to obtain behaviors, trends and estimates. Balam allows you to: * Find how active is your area and compare with others. * Identify key parameters that describe your area and discover areas where your business can be successfully replicated. * Evaluate your conversions from casual to loyal clients and from people passing by to people entering your venue. * Know where your potential clients live, work and spend their free time. * Interact with a live dashboard featuring past and present metrics and weakly projections. * Venues can evaluate their competitiveness among other competitors in their area. Customers can subscribe to Balam services (SaaS).
Location: Mexico
Member count: 1-10

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