Patient-centric EMR app In your lifetime, more than 19 providers will generate data about your healthcare. Your appointment details, clinical summaries, health history, prescription records, lab results, and even surgical records will exist in data silos. These independent silos inhibit your ability as a patient to collaborate with providers on your care, and make it difficult for you to take ownership of your health record. bakerhealth is an EMR app that places data stewardship in the hands of the patient by moving the individual to the center of their healthcare chart. Using the app, the patient creates their master health record by combining data from multiple provider EMR systems with their own self reported patient data ? payer, demographic, health updates, and over the counter drug details. This patient+app combination is now empowered to not only be the steward of their health data but also to collaborate with providers by sending updates directly into their previously siloed health records.
Member count: 1-10