BajaBoard is a powerboard developed in Australia. BajaBoard's main features are: - Independent suspension - Independent steering - Four wheel drive - 12kW power rating - 25kg - Top speed 60km/h (36mi/h) BajaBoard's patent pending design makes it the only commercially (soon to be) available board that incorporates a full suspension system design. With a name inspired by the Baja1000 rally, BajaBoard sets out to revolutionize the world of board sports. Whilst officially founded in mid 2013, BajaBoard begun life as a dream out of a garage in 2010. The potential in adding raw power to a skateboard, longboard or mountainboard is huge. However, to date, motorized boards have remained little more than mobility devices. Environmentally friendly? Why not. Now it's time to add in a pinch of action! BajaBoard's designers are both action sports enthusiasts and professional engineers. Instead of modding existing boards, they started from scratch. BajaBoard's proprietary design features: 1. Fully independent suspension and steering system, for handling jumps and drops 2. DWA - For stability at high speeds and easy drifting during turns 4. Top speed in the order of 60km/h (35mi/h) 3. Refined engineering - An optimized design that is both strong and compact. Be ready. Stay excited!
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2014

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