Badmirror Broadcasting
NBC with an internet connection The website is our product. Check it out. If you think of a thousand things you would to do make it better, write it down and share it with us. We did. New release coming out soon. is a hyperlocal social video broadcasting platform that plays local area content as well as the best videos from around their county, state, country, and world. Subscribers share videos, from the most popular video hosting platforms, with their local towns. We've created a modern day version of the traditional tv viewing experience but with voting of local content that increases the geographical reach of videos. The resulting structure is a bottom-up, merit driven broadcasting system. Our crowd-sourced and geographic based curation algorithm is unique in that it will identify and promote quality content and, most importantly for a hyperlocally focused service, it is scalable and does not require additional inputs or resources as locations are added.
Member count: 11-50