Badhouse Ventures
Micro VC with incubator-like support for software-focused startups with a beta version product You've probably seen lots of accelerator/incubator programs out there providing access to desk space and some mentorship. We're more than that. We're investing cash in every early-stage venture that we select, as well as getting our hands dirty with you for 9-12 months; it might even feel like you're getting a handful of new minority co-founders! There's no set educational program planned to divert you from the two tasks at hand: building and selling. The goal is to help make your venture ready for a VC-backed investment round. We're looking for ambitious, high-potential ventures (typically with 2-4 co-founders) that they are looking for a booster to reach the next level. Find out more, and apply to be considered, on our website: We're focusing on the data value chain and solving big problems with software. We're open to hearing about all software-driven startups, working at the application layer, or down in the plumbing at the protocol layer. Based in Vancouver, Canada, but open to founders from anywhere in the world.
Member count: 1-10