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Electric Holographic Laminatd Glass Start-Up. No Debt. Solid Leadership. Prototype Done. Awaiting Sales. We Need YOU... Product Story: vimeo.com/87084696 Badazz Glass is a one-of-a-kind holographic laminated glass product designed to add interactive, experiential movement and limitless light spectrum to the static tile and surfaces industry. Badazz Holographic Glass refracts light back to the viewer in the form of electric rainbows ? yet it requires no electricity. In dry applications, the tile is amazing, but its application in water (pools) takes the product to unfathomable heights. Badazz Glass produces a light show that becomes entrapped inside of the water body - People literally will ?swim in rainbows?. Badazz Glass is manufactured in an autoclave using hurricane proof/ bullet resistant glass of varying thicknesses and textures according to architectural or design specifications. The ?design? opportunities are endless as are the application possibilities.
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