Art-inspired Backpacks Badass Backpacks creates art-inspired backpacks. Our backpacks are designed to tell a story and they are designed to start conversations. They are produced in short-run limited production. Each bag we create is designed in conjunction with the Badass Backpacks team and an artist whose work is featured on that unique bag. Our bags our designed, crafted, and sewn in the USA with intention and with purpose. They are a work of art and a conversation piece as much as they are a functional backpack that is made to be worn. Our business is a boot strapped art project with goals to do more. Our first bag hit the market in 2016, selling direct to consumers on our website. We have new bags in development, and we are building our product portfolio to offer our customers more bag choices. We are now looking to raise, $200K up to $2M in seed capital to help us grow our production capacity, to finance the creation of two new backpack lines, and to help us meet important operational needs.