The Airbnb of Outdoor Living Bypass crowded and unkempt public parks. With Backyard Rents, everyone can spend the day in a private outdoor space. The website and app connect willing homeowners with renters seeking a place to spend time outdoors in peace. It doesn?t matter if you?re seeking an hour-long respite with a good book or a daylong family reunion barbecue. There?s a sprawling, serene backyard for you to use. Our yards are treasured, precious, and unfortunately underutilized. Backyard Rents remedies this problem by matching those who wish they had a backyard with those who wish they had more use for their properties. Property owners earn some extra cash(monetize their outdoor living space), and renters get to experience a quiet Sunday in the sun they may not be able to experience in an apartment complex. Guests will enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience in a well maintained environment.