Backwood Theory
Our mission is to help veterans across the country with our clothing Backwood Theory is a brand with a deep purpose: helping today's veterans and their families. This clothing line was created to show the positive side and love for country roots. But along with that it was created with the intentions of being able to make a sizeable impact on the veteran community. Today's world is unaware of just how drastic those who serve are suffering. We sell tshirts, legging, swimwear, hats, phone cases, and much more. Being an online-only platform it's difficult to generate sales when people are already bombarded with ads daily on social media. We have found the most efficient way to outreach is through events. Being a vendor at multiple events have shown us that. We would like to create a country music festival where 40% of the proceeds will go to help today's veterans and their families. We already have the connections in the music industry to book large names such as The Lacs, Colt Ford, Dylan Scott etc. We simply need the means to make the event happen.
Member count: 1-10