Online Backup We know that today tens of thousands of websites that are harmed by cyber attacks. One day your hosting company, or what would you do if your website suddenly erase all data is lost whether you Ogre? Usually place provider to and from your Web site (hosting) is not the responsibility of the company. In the few hosting companies who do backups are done for their own security and backup files may not be shared with the owners of the website due to various technical reasons. The biggest mistake of falling website owners, their replacement with web sites that they host in the same environment. In case of a cyber attack made entirely of backups you can lose all your data and take. backup.cool day, when any problems with your website, weekly or monthly backup options, PC or your mobile device allows you to access your current one-touch backup. Subscribe to backup.cool then select the disk space you need and two steps back up your web site to a different location, get comfortable.