All-in-one back office platform for startups and SMEs (Legal, Accounting and Payroll) At Backstartup we believe that technology has the potential to transform business management, so we created an all-in-one digital back-office platform that centralizes the company's financial and legal information and manages it automatically. We eliminate manual tasks and human errors by using accounting automation bots and bank integrations. From our platform, SMEs and Startups can keep track of their taxes, financial KPIs, financial statements and payroll. They can access receipts, integrate bank accounts, report staff modifications and, more recently, even request for credit. Everything happens online. Additionally, we assign our clients a virtual administrative support team that accompanies them to guarantee a comprehensive service experience so they can access the advice of accountants, lawyers, and specialized professionals. We are pioneers in Latin America, where paper culture is highly entrenched, in moving traditional offline behaviors to a 100% online experience.
Location: Colombia, Colombia
Member count: 51-200
Total raised: $800K

Investors 2