The single-person backpack tent We at Back Shelter have designed a revolutionary single-person backpack tent. A simple and easy pop-up mechanism that requires absolutely no installation. We designed our product around the current issues in the market. We have set out to revolutionize the hiking/camping industry. Our product is based on a light-weight frame, significantly lighter than current products. A compact design, that stands out in aesthetics, as well as performance. The most appealing aspect of our product, it takes under 10 seconds to assemble. This is a game changer for the hiking and camping industry. Time is a priceless commodity. Since 2015, there have been over 60 million people displaced in war-stricken countries. These people are left without homes and live in camps temporarily. By forming relationships with international aid agencies, we can sell our product in mass as they will use it for humanitarian distribution. This provides them with a means to quick, efficient, and portable shelter.