iPhone/Android phone holder. First of it's kind in the world and is patent pending The Backhand TM is the worlds first 'back of the hand' smartphone holder. The Backhand will comfortably and securely cinch iPhone 4's.5's and Androids (under 5") to your hand, and provide true hands freedom for doing whatever you are doing, walking, jogging, shopping, night on the town, cycling, or just being mom and dad around the house. No more dropping, forgetting or losing your smartphone again. Simply insert two fingers into a one-size fits all expandable loops and strap to the wrist with very comfortable and stylish wristband w/velcro strap, you are ready to run go! Strap it on to run errands, walk the dogs, shopping, eat at a restaurant without worrying about losing or dropping your phone. It also acts a a deterrent to "apple-picking' crime. We use Swarovski Crystals, and our faux (furs and skins)skins, so that no animals were harmed to make our product. We use the best, high quality pu fabric made here in the US, and all our manufacturing and assembly is done in CA, USA