Mobile Media Back-Up and Sharing Platform Backboard is a mobile first photo and video back-up service that lets your easily sync, secure, and share your years of precious memories in an easy, platform agnostic application. We believe there are 4 core tenets to photo back-up and we've built them into our application: 1. Store and Sync: Your photos are your most priceless digital possessions. backboard gives you the comfort of knowing that your photos and videos are backed up across all of your devices at all times. 2. Secure: End to end encryption means that your photos can only be seen by you and the people you choose to share them with. 3. Surface: A user might have 100,000 photos spanning a 20 year period. Its great to know they are secure in the cloud, but if there's no easy way to surface the memories you want, what's the point. 4. Stream: Instantly share your memories with loved ones and close friends, free of email and text messaging, and outside of very public social networks.
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