Indian version of Grocery King Bachatlist is a free App which lets you 1. Create your shopping list using swipe and select UI and it lets you save it on cloud. 2. It lets you access your lists from different devices running on android and lets you share the list with your family 3. Once you choose a Superstore, it lets you see the ongoing offers against the items you have in your list and the superstore gets to know who (what kind of customer) is syncing the offers. 4. Superstore can give personalised offers to every consumer types 5. The app lets you see the ongoing offers around the superstore. So, if you are there for grocery shopping then you can see the ongoing offers at Coffee shops or restaurants etc. 6. The collected data can enable us to analyse extensively and provide options for targeted advertisements. 7. The application can create a new platform for digital advertisement of FMCG products.