Baby World Language
Early childhood language development Baby World Language Ltd. is a new, Canadian start-up in early childhood English language development for the Pre-Kindergarten market ? kids aged 0 to 3 years. We produce and sell very innovative language learning systems that include prenatal sound delivery (learning in the womb) ? primarily through e-learning with live, online video coaching options. Our current focus is Asia and initial market is China. Like most countries in Asia, China is a very competitive society. English language is an important part of success in school and work. When students are first introduced to English in school, they have already lost the best opportunity for learning it, because the first 3 years of their life present the best for learning a language. As the child matures, their ability & motivation to learn the language drops off sharply. Our approach is to enable and support mothers to become their child?s first English teacher, at home. Parents save momney and kids are more successful with English.
Total raised: $500K