Social Network App for reliable and convenient babysitting services Social Network App for reliable and convenient babysitting services. Comprehensive trusted solution for immediate finding, screening, messaging, calling, controlling and paying sitters. Free App with an option to pay for the babysitter by credit card for a minor commission of 0.75$ per payment. Application completed development and was launched in Israel as a beta site durig 2016. Detailed marketing plan: User base: 2016 ? 35K users in Israel, 2017 ? expansion to Europe to 900K users Product Highlights Comprehensive, trusted and convenient solution for immediate or scheduled finding, screening, controlling and paying sitters. Geographical (GPS) based babysitting services locator, screening based on proximity, ages, price & friends recommendation. Communication between the parents and the sitter (free Video calls,Push & SMS notification) before & during the babysitting, time control and CC payments options. Development for Android and iPhone (for IOS10) was completed successfully .
Total raised: $200K