Professional Billingual Babysitters for Holidays Travel Child Care is a B2B/B2C company specialized in offering babysitting services to families during their holidays. The main objective of Travel Child Care is to support tour operators and online travel agencies to provide a differential value to their customers in the important family segment, which values the service and tranquility above others. The incorporation of our babysitting services in their buying process /offer allows our partners, wholesalers, retailers, travel agents and online travel agencies to: Provide a differential value on competition at the time of purchase. Increase customer satisfaction. Strengthening potential repeat purchase and the link with the tour operator Allows the creation of new offers for clients of family segment . Booking from the origin a babysitting service will allow families to plan better their holidays and enjoy with peace of mind; a stroll through the town / beach, a romantic dinner, a concert, intimate moments as a couple.