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What makes the Baby Life Seat™ unique and a game-changer is that our babies are currently at risk on airplanes and boats where they have no cushioned flotation device in case of an accident. Bigger children and adults have life jackets on planes and boats, which the law requires. But babies don’t have this protection, because there hasn't been a product for the government to require . Now there is the Baby Life Seat™, which will comply with existing safety rules and change the status of babies traveling from "at risk" to "safe". We are now doing a Kickstarter to raise the funds to finish the engineering and get to market. Please go to the site and support us. Knowing that the Baby Life Seat™ exists is constant fuel for my enthusiasm and resolve to see it made and distributed around the world and I hope you will join us and bring your enthusiasm to the Baby Life Seat™ campaign. My best friend, Pete, and I partnered to develop this next generation car seat/life saving device for babies when we contacted the Coast Guard and learned there was no such product like it. They were eager to help. We partnered to work with the Coast Guard to build the best and smartest infant carrier, or child restraint seat. We not only built it to float, but also to self-right, or flip over quickly, to always keep the infant above water to reduce the effects of hypothermia. Our goal was to make a baby car seat that would be the safest infant carrier and could be used around the world across all transportation modes: in cars, on airplanes and on boats. A government certified infant carrier that would change the status quo in infant safety. We even thought to make it locator enabled, as with a GPS locator and smart phone app, so parents and first-responders would always know where it is. Pete modeled the design of the Baby Life Seat™ on a car seat every parent is familiar with. We worked with the Coast Guard on our 11 prototypes and over time the design was perfected and the Baby Life Seat™ not only floated, but also flipped upright in the water every time. It was tested at Underwriters Laboratories (you can see the testing in the YouTube video we made) following Coast Guard testing parameters that would lead to its personal flotation device (PFD) certification. The Baby Life Seat™ finally passed all tests and met international Coast Guard standards for performance. In the post 9-1-1 economy and the environment in the '00 years that followed, even a great cause like ours could not get investor attention. Then Pete suddenly passed away and I was left with the task of raising money, not my strength. But my other strengths of commitment and perseverance rose up and took over. I hope you believe as I do that this is the right thing to do for those we love who are helpless and at risk and who depend on us. The core of what I’m telling you “about me” is that the energy that fuels me comes from a purpose that couldn’t be more compelling – that the goal of infant safety and infant well being around the world should be our highest priority. It was Pete's dream that if even one child's life were saved, all this effort would be worthwhile. I share that dream. I know there are parents who believe as my late partner and I believe that the status quo for infant safety needs to be changed, babies simply can’t remain at risk when traveling. Join to lend your support, energy and prayers to the Baby Life Seat™ Kickstarter campaign.
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Phone: +1 610-259-2800
Total raised: $460K