Babywearing Barre/Baby Bump Ballet
Promote happier mamas Baby Bump Ballet and Babywearing Barre are classes to help bring the "good mood" back into a mother's day. What started in 2014 as a way to use ballet to help build self-confidence in mothers has now grown into a way to get endorphins moving & making happier women. Classes are held in existing dance studios and/or fitness centers & the space is rented. Baby Bump Ballet focuses on expecting mothers who want to be active but not necessarily jump on a treadmill or join a bellydance class. Babywearing Barre allows the new mom to have time to get out of the house & bring her little one to class. Depression & the "baby blues" can affect every mother differently including single mothers, military mothers, and mothers in shelters who sometimes must act as both parents just to provide for their children. We aren't restricted to being indoors: Babywearing Barre Bootcamp is perfect for parks and local community centers that don't have equipment such as ballet barres and mirrors ?