Funding Babies Futures BABY BOOM! is going to fund the future for millions of Babies! BABY BOOM! addresses a billion-dollar proven industry of human birth. IE?Mommies and babies with the first Patented 'Baby Pool' contest application! MOMS create a contest where family and friends guess the due date! Then get attention, help and fun notifications while pregnant. Then gifts and cash credits when the child is born and a great start for their childs future! FRIENDS AND FAMILY join in and convert cash to BOOM BUCKS, play in contest, Gift Cash, buy registry gifts and fund baby's 529 Education Fund or Whole Life Policy BABIES get 529 Educational Fund or Whole Life Policy funded by proceeds of the contest. MFG's / SERVICE PROVIDERS get the $240,000 exiting the Birth-funnel each day when BABY BOOM! is in full-swing. Patent Pending, Trade mark and Word mark filed, established C-corp, established bank account, all applicable URL's purchased, Web and Mobile app will be complete September 15, 2014.
Total raised: $140K