Baby Stork is helping couples, who decided to get a baby, to conceive faster Every eight couples have problem with conceiving and every second couple experience some issues, which causes strain in relationship and mental wellbeing. Fertility problem is solving by medical treatment with drugs or surgery and is very expensive. Also, couples can use different testers or mobile applications. Urine tests for example are slow, impractical, unreliable and expensive. Most mobile apps predict fertile window based on statistics, which also results in unreliable. Baby Stork predicts fertile window more precisely, based on measurements. It determine ovulation five days before it happens, therefore it drastically increases chances to conceive. It uses everyday technology to execute medical proofed scientific methods. It consists of sensor device and mobile app. Mobile app cycle calendar predicts ovulation, while sensor device measures saliva parameters. Baby Stork gives couple control on the process of getting pregnant, so whole process is much less stressful.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $12K