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WHAT IS BABY STORK? Baby Stork is all-in-one: a fertility gadget and application that includes the period cycle prediction algorithm. WHY BABY STORK? Infertility has become a part of our lives. Every sixth couple in Slovenia is dealing with this problem. The Baby Stork team of experts has found the solution: the smart device and mobile aplication that help couples conceive naturally. Baby Stork Buddy – a smart fertlility device. Use Baby Stork Buddy to measure your basal body temperature and saliva parameters orally every morning, before getting up. Based on these parameters, the application calculates your fertile days and the chances to conceive naturally increase considerably. Buddy is your INTIMATE assistant. If you have just decided you want to become pregnant or have been trying longer than expected, Baby Stork can help you. Buddy is handy. You don’t have to pee on a stick or measure your temperature anally or vaginally – we know how unpleasant this can be. Baby Stork measures all info necessary to calculate fertile days orally. Buddy is a time-saver. Buddy – a new smart measuring device – defines your six fertile days so you and your partner can relax and enjoy the process of conception without stress. Order now and get your Buddy for $129. The first batch of 100 Buddies will be sent out in May 2017, so be sure to order fast. We will be sending Buddies on the first come, first serve basis.
Location: Slovenia, Lesce
Phone: +386 31 341 262