Unique E-Market Place - Low on Assets Buying culture; with big malls, e-commerce portals, has forced certain challenges to retailers like drop-in-sale, company's monopoly, inventory,promotions,sourcing, limited resources etc. Similar business plan, is not yet implemented by anyone in industry. Local retailers sell online, but they also earn thru selling others product on portal, to customers. We have membership program, introduced by us,where we have "Relative" cards, which provide additional discounts then what on website, Privileged/Corporate membership card holder gets additional discount. In addition each Privileged member gets off-line benefits like; at restaurants, pubs, events, cinema halls, ticketing, salons etc. Biz plan increases No.of transactions online, with lower cost in long run. We created sales pitch using "TOC for sales" to convince retailer to sell with us. TOC distribution/retail solution help retailers to increase their profits as well, by increasing the inventory turns with minimum investment.