Famiis Online Apps

Social Network for Families Babiis, my Family Network: The 1st Social Network for baby and his Family, revolutionizing how Baby is going to play, learn and interact with all the family members, wherever they are. The App, already available for iPhone and iPad since March 26th, contains two interfaces : 1/ a Baby-Friendly interface, allowing him to : -Watch video and photo messages sent by all his family. Everytime he will watch someone's message, baby's reaction is recorded and sent to the family cloud -Learn his 1st words: ABC, 123, Animals, Fruits.. The family can customize each word with their own voice so Baby will learn from them -Watch stories that everyone can also customize with their voice in 1 minute, so Baby can choose who is reading to him. 2/ a Parent interface: -That is restricted to the family only -Where family can send video/photo messages to baby -Where family can customize Baby's first words and stories -Where family can enjoy and share amazing pieces of baby's life