Pandora for Child's Play Babee Play delivers ?Pandora for Child?s Play? by offering a web & mobile app that: *Is convenient and easy-to-use. *Recommends play activities, interactive books, and learning games tailored to each child?s preferences and abilities. *Features curated content approved by education and pediatric experts. *Tracks each child?s development milestones to report learning progress and identify potential development delays that may need additional attention. Our recommendation engine is powered by proprietary technology that includes: *Delightful Play(TM): a patentable algorithm that evaluates preferences to tailor content that stimulates an appetite for learning. *Just Right Learning(TM): a patentable algorithm that analyzes abilities to enable scaffold learning, stretching materials just beyond current capabilities to keep children interested and engaged. *Early Education Genome(TM): a taxonomy that maps learning against development standards and identifies potential learning delays.
Member count: 1-10