The Rolex of Businesscards Bab Cards -Custom high quality business cards made in germany- Card with gold, with cut outs and engraving, with platin on the surface, we have it all, produced very cheap thanks to the technology we developed and the knowhow we got in over 2 years doing this. Or products are all custome made, designed and produced Made in Germany (soon also in the US), we can do this because our system does not need much man power so we can produce it cheap right where we sell it. We solve the problem that business cards get lost, get used for writing notes on them and so on, simply by making them so great, that they are handled carefully. It?s a product every business person needs and the clients gives away, so the re-ordering is save. With giving them a tool that helps them to leave a perfect first impression, we make sure nobody forgets our clients
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $219K