Enabling Instant Sharing Baatna is an android app that lets you borrow stuff instantly by shouting out your need to your neighbours, friends and people in your surroundings. We are creating an online community where we provide a platform on which users can mention every possible need / requirement. It is going to be a peer-to-peer request network / on demand economy where any need to borrow anything from others can be easily and quickly fulfilled. These needs can be browsed and catered by other members of the community on our platform. Several startups have tried the concept of borrowing, but failed, because they used an inventory based model for their solution. In these models, people list the tools they are willing to lend to others. But Baatna has reversed this model, Baatna uses borrowing requests as the underlying model. Users register with Baatna, and this allows them to broadcast requests for items they would like to borrow from fellow Baatna users in the neighbourhood.
Member count: 1-10