Sales of Non-toxic cleaning products and other edible products using MLM Breathe2Wealth will sell a complete line of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and other edible products for all possible household uses. Breathe2Wealth will sell products to two customer segments: The first segments are individual consumers who are purchasing the products for personal (household) use.These individuals are those that consume our edible products and those that are environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for non-toxic cleaners for their home.The second target segments are retailers (those who are selling similar or same edible products) and a select group from within the first segment of individual customers. Some of these individuals will be recruited to become distributors of Breathe2Wealth products.The distributors that make up this segment receive a sales commission if they are able to recruit new distributors who then make sales.
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Member count: 1-10